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Segway -min 6 persons 

Located at a nearby venue approx 1 mile north of our centre  
Imagine you had the ability to hover above the ground and you were able to control your movement by simply leaning, well no need to imagine anymore - this is the feeling you get from the X2 Segway Nottingham experience. 
Enjoy the road less travelled with Segways X2. They are rugged, tough and designed to take you off the beaten path with a unique riding experience. For both casual riders and experienced explorers, it’s your all-access pass to the great outdoors. 
Segways X2 are safe, confidence inspiring and can be mastered in only a few minutes by anyone from 8 to 80. 
After an initial training session you will get an opportunity (depending on group size) to take part in a Segway X2 relay race before then taking these amazing vehicles around our purpose built woodland off road circuit for an unforgettable experience. They are great fun, like nothing you have ever experienced before and thrilling to ride. 
£30.00 per person min 6 persons 
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